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The CostChecker | Know costs, before costs arise

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cost management takes cost forecasting to a new level. Calculating costs has to be easy, dynamic and accurate. The CostChecker combines everything, with unmatched ease.

Calculate manufacturing costs on a new level

The CostChecker is perfect for Data Driven Costing in the 3D CAD System and available for all 3D CAD Systems on the market
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More than 80% of Manufacturing Costs are determined in Product Development. Engineers and Project Managers therefore, need plausible and reliable Calculations of Manufacturing Costs for Components and Assemblies - directly in the CAD System. The CostChecker calculates manufacturing costs of components and assemblies with highest precision and within seconds. Choose your version of the CostChecker ...

Engineers design too expensive! (german language)

Who doesn't know this saying ... The report about the CostChecker in SMM - Swiss Machine Market shows, why Engineers need reliable and accurate cost calculations directly in the 3D CAD system. Read more (german language)

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