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Companies have a lot of data. However, the data quality and completeness is often of poor quality. Our Data-Mining services enable our customers to generate the perfect data in the shortest possible time. Perfect for the ERP, PLM and PDM-Systems. Why? Because the competitiveness of companies is strongly linked to the data quality in the companies.

Target group: Strategic and operational procurement | MDM - Masterdata Manager

Generate Perfect Data (GET CLEAN) and Maintain the Value of the Data (STAY CLEAN)

The competitiveness of companies is directly linked to the quality of their data. In volatile and uncertain markets, good, reliable company data is crucial. Our services and software ensure, that companies have the perfect data at their disposal in the shortest possible time (GET CLEAN according to DIN 4000 - list of characteristics) and that the value of this data is preserved (STAY CLEAN with Artifical Intelligence).

GET CLEAN Curve and STAY Clean Curve

There is no question that companies, with excellent data, have a significant competitive advantage. Product description documents contain a lot of "knowledge". We make this knowledge available in the shortest possible time. State-of-the-art algorithms are used to clean, extract and structure the content from thousands of product-describing documents such as 3D CAD data, 2D CAD drawings, specifications, etc. The accuracy and speed of our GET CLEAN services is unrivaled. Our customers use the structured data to enrich PLM, ERP and PDM systems, but also to identify savings, calculate costs or predict CO2 emission. The perfect data in the shortest possible time and the advantage, to STAY CLEAN with Artifical Intelligence.

Advanced Master Data Management | GET CLEAN

ERP-Systems often slow down companies instead of speeding them up. Imagine - your Company Data being stored in perfect Quality - without any manual Effort. That's a Data-Heaven. Every Employee has the perfect and relevant data for their tasks. That's our drive! We design, plan and implement Advanced Master Data Management projects. Smart, intelligent, automated and with a very fast ROI. We get the VALUE OF DATA and accompany our customers in Data Strategies. So that new data, systematically and automated becomes knowledge - and stays knowledge.

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Master Data Excellence
Master Data Excellence

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