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Data-Driven | Identify 12 - 15% Savings on Average in Mass Data

Digitalization is changing the rules in the economy and offers new opportunities for procurement. With advanced analytics our customers identify 12-15% savings potentials of the entire purchasing volume - fact based and at unmatched speed. Experience what it means, to systematically leverage the value of corporate data.

Target group: Strategic and operational procurement

Transparency and fact-based Savings Potentials in Mass Data

In addition to fact-based arguments for renegotiations with suppliers, Data-Driven Procurement offers opportunities to precisely identify internal cost reduction potentials and fundamentally improve the cooperation with the product development.

Answer Questions in Mass Data

In addition to fact-based savings, our analysis answers business-relevant questions:

  • Which supplier is the best supplier for specific product groups
  • Which Components have got cost reduction Potential?
  • Which Prices are justified for new Components and Assemblies?
  • How homogeneously do we buy in the Product Groups?
  • How many similar Components and Assemblies do we purchase to different prices?
  • Which Business-Unit buys too expensively?

Software for Data-Driven Procurement

The PSI - predictive saving identifier is our development. With the PSI our customers identify potential savings, find similar or identical components within seconds, calculates target costs of new components and also masters the classic Bottom-UP Calculation for components and assemblies. The PSI also enables Data-Driven Benchmarking with the integrated Data-Mining Solution "Data-Driven Engine". The PSI answers questions, that arise daily and represents Data-Driven Procurement at the highest level.

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