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Our Services have a clear Goal | Savings

You have to experience the possibilities of Advanced Analytics, Predictive Costing and Machine Learning in the Procurement and Mechanical Engineering. Through our services, companies not only save money - they also awaken the "fire for Digitalization".

From high costs, to right costs

We support companies in various industries, in the identification and realization of savings potentials and the integration of company-wide, automated cost management processes (Data Driven with AEPC - automated enterprise product costing). With AEPC, cost management becomes fully automated. Integrated Data-Mining, Advanced Analytics, Predictive Costing and Machine Learning enables automated analysis of company data, identification of savings potential in material groups and highly accurate prediction of manufacturing costs of new components and assemblies. Advanced Procurement and Advanced Engineering are reality! Our services cover all processes for the successful integration of Data Driven Processes. The pure Digitalization!

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