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Prices for raw Materials are volatile. Price markups from Suppliers must be validated. DMA - Dynamic Materialcost Adjustment helps our Customers, to maintain an Overview at all times. With a direct link to raw Material Databases, they know the Material Costs of their Components at the push of a Button.

Validate the Prices of your Suppliers

DMA - Dynamic Materialcost Adjustment is available in our Softwareproducts CostChecker and PSI - predictive saving identifier. The CostChecker calculates the target costs of your components at the push of a button. With the Add-ON "DMA - Dynamic Materialcost Adjustment", our customers are additionally able to calculate the material costs of items or even entire assemblies at the push of a button. Drag&Drop a component onto the CostChecker ... everything else is done automatically by the CostChecker.

Weisses Bild als Abstandshalter
Data Driven Costing - der CostChecker im 3D CAD System Autodesk Inventor
Weisses Bild als Abstandshalter
DMA - Detailansicht des CostCheckers

DMA - Dynamic Materialcost Adjustment

Prices for raw materials are volatile. It's time for full transparency. So, that supplier price demands can be validated at the push of a button. DMA - Dynamic Materialcost Adjustment calculates the difference of material costs - from any point in time or last purchase date - to today. The CostChecker extracts weight, raw material dimensions and many other parameters directly from 3D models and calculates the material costs fully automatically. This way, our customers always know the difference in material costs - from "then" (in the picture June 2020) to today. It is extremely easy to bring transparency into the suppliers price demands - with DMA.

Material Data from Professionals

Our partnership with costdata GmbH gives our customers access to the best costing data on the market. The data for our raw material database is automatically updated by costdata GmbH and contains the material prices of over 32'000 materials. It is ensured, that the CostChecker has the latest raw material data available at all times.

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