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Master Data Management | Competitiveness vs. Data Quality

The competitiveness of companies, correlates 1:1 with the data quality in the companies. Our capabilities in Data Cleansing, Data Enrichment and the automated generation of complete, homogeneous enterprise data are impressive.

Data Cleansing

Your company data contains a lot of "Knowledge". This Know-How is massively reduced by incomplete and heterogeneous data. With Data Cleansing we provide structure to your inventory data. This is the basis for further steps in Master Data Management.

Data Enrichment

Your already existing, product describing data, already contain a lot of information. However, this information must be available in a different, machine-readable form. With the 3D CADminer and our Deep Learning capabilities (2D CADminer), the existing data is automatically enriched. Your data is now "ready for applications with Algorithms & Machine Learning".

Data Usage

Simply having complete and homogeneous data makes little sense. The data is now being used for new insights through evaluation with Analytics and Machine Learning. Your own company data provides highly interesting Insights into company processes and products. Cost reductions, optimization potentials in purchasing and product development as well as measures for standardization are the results.

Data Automation

If the competitiveness of companies correlates 1:1 with the data quality in the companies, it must be ensured that newly generated data are available completely, homogeneously, at the right time and in the right form. With our processes for fully automated Data Acquisition, we ensure that data becomes knowledge. Automatically & systematically.

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